Wednesday 4 April 2007

The How and the Cost

I am continuing to expand on the plans for this as time goes on and will keep writing them in here. Still no feedback so maybe need to rethink the idea of attracting listeners. Perhaps an email to some potential listeners?

I thought it worth recapping a little on my original thoughts - to try out the logistics and effect of a series of podcasts in an area of 'the Arts' - in this case Robert Burns. My thoughts being that 'on-demand learning' is very much in vogue

Costs: my intention was to keep this to minimal budget as I know this is always an issue for schools so all the software has been free and/or open source. I mentioned earlier the various websites I had to subscribe to but the audio recordings themselves are made using Audacity which works on PC, Mac, etc. and is also free. I have used my Apple Laptop for all the recording which has led to some background noise - detected as a hiss. Whether it is vital to remove this or not, I wait to hear. I may have to invest in a Microphone.

Costs so far have been only the URL ( which was £8.50 for 2 years and to be honest strictly speaking this was not required. The blogger URL would have sufficed but is less descriptive.
I also thought about adding some follow-up worksheets as an incentive to teachers although the targeted audience is actually anyone.

Episode 2 will be ready shortly.

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