Monday 2 April 2007

About Podcasting

Well, its been an interesting start!

As someone who works remotely and gives presentations on online learning it seemed time I ventured into podcasting. So, I followed up on one of my other passions and started a series of podcasts on Robert Burns - the Scottish poet - in whom I have a great interest.

Getting started took most of Saturday but now we are up and running.

Jason Van Orden's website on 'How to Podcast' was a huge help although not all went smoothly. I now seem to have lost all the HTML editing features here too, so the glitches continue :o). Ah - all is revealed! These buttons do not work in Safari (the browser I started this post in) but do work in Firefox (which I am now using). Note to self, "Use Firefox next time"

However, accounts here (with Blogger), and with, and are all set up and appear to be working. Lets see what happens next!

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