Saturday 31 March 2007

Robert Burns is Born....and at 15 makes his first attempts at rhyming: podcast001

This is podcast one in a series of downloads on the Life and works of Robert Burns - the Scottish Bard.
It is authored by Kev Thompson - an educationalist, with an interest in Robert Burns and his works. Kev is also a member of a local Burns club - Bowhill Peoples Burns Club - in Fife in Scotland. Their website is here

This episode covers:
  • Birth of Robert Burns in 1759
  • His parents
  • Where he was born
  • His very first rhyming
Two songs: Rantin' Rovin' Robin & Now Westlin' Winds are also included in full. The words for these can be found here. Rantin Rovin Robin and Now Westlin Winds

MP3 podcast file here

I have added some simple questions for youngsters to complete here. Feel free to download.


This is hopefully the blog behind a series of podcasts of the life and works of Robert Burns - the Scottish Bard. I intend to cover his life in brief and where some of his more famous poems and songs fit into the context of this - with each of these included in the appropriate place. It should be of value to anyone with an interest in, or knowledge of, Robert Burns and hopefully will be a good learning aid for those of any age, wishing to know more.